Coolperx is 100% Climate Neutral  •  You can become truly climate-neutral, Coolperx can help  •  When you purchase with Coolperx, you help build new solar energy facilities in the worst parts of the American power grid.

Brand Merchandise Programs Built on Sustainability

Create lasting impressions that value people and the planet. Happy people, happy planet, happy company.

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Give Better Gifts

Give better with high quality, sustainable keepsakes that will stay out of the landfill - why? Because your recipient will covet them.  Together, we are transforming the marketing merchandising industry from a toxic polluter to a conscious connector of people. 
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Creating Memorable Experiences

Bring your brand to life in a meaningful way - ethical, sustainable and memorable. From signange, to gifts to small, intimate team building gatherings, we partner with you to create a lasting impression of your brand.

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Go Climate Neutral

Better financials, better footprint with top tier, award winning Coolperx Sustainabilty Consulting. We provide transparent, tangible solutions to help your business go climate neutral.

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What Everyone’s Saying

“Lou has been an amazing branding partner for my teams at Google. She listens to the needs and requests we have for her and she provides ideas for us to review.  Lou also makes sure that the products her company offers are sustainable.  We trust Lou and her employees to wow our team members.”

Gloria P.
Executive Business Partner

“Coolperx is setting the trend in promotional merchandise and raising the bar on quality goods while taking into consideration the current state of the environment."

Monica J.

"An incredible partner to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the US Program team. They are extremely thorough and always go above and beyond in their service to our team. They are definitely a value add."

Randy P.
Associate Program Manager

Talking Trash with Lou

Learn the sustainable efforts of different businesses that are making valuable and responsible products while providing easy ways to incorporate sustainability into everyday life. 

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Three Misconceptions About Sustainability And Plastics

Consumers and companies alike have become increasingly sensitive to sustainability as the effects of climate change elicit a profound and existential pressure on us to take action.

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Scaling Sustainability

Gain actionable wisdom from sustainability-related topics with industry leaders and disruptors.

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