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Happy People.

Mission-aligned company swag with transparent social and climate data allow you to showcase the sustainability and diversity practices that your stakeholders demand.

Happy Planet - Photo of solar panels

Happy Planet.

Implement and enforce sustainable procurement guidelines with Climate-Neutral Brand Merchandise Programs and transparently reduce your Scope 3 impact.

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Happy Company.

Integrate your high standards for sustainability, create a productive, engaged company culture and recoup the budget lost in your current swag procurement practices.

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Brand Merchandise.

Orient your custom brand merchandise procurement around promoting your brand values for sustainability and diversity and succeed in building meaningful, long lasting relationships with your stakeholders.
- Custom company gifts
- Swag and events giveaways
- Uniforms
- Awards + Recognition


Meaningful Impact Data.

Meaningful sustainability practices start with data. Coolperx’s accredited Scope 3 scoring and reporting gives you and your procurement team the ability to make informed swag procurement decisions and accelerate your sustainability and diversity missions.
- Drive your DEI spend with underrepresented businesses
- Accelerate your climate goals with carbon and plastic data

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Shopping online

NetZero eStores.

Automate your sustainability and diversity efforts and anchor your brand with technology solutions created to raise procurement standards and drive your sustainable company culture.
- Custom inventory
- Warehousing and fulfillment
- Global shipping and logistics
- Strategy and planning sessions
- Recipient support

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Happy Company - Work With Us

Happy Companies

“Lou has been an amazing branding partner for my teams at Google. She listens to the needs and requests we have for her and she provides ideas for us to review. Lou also makes sure that the products her company offers are sustainable. We trust Lou and her employees to wow our team members.”

Gloria P., Executive Business Partner, Google

“Coolperx is setting the trend in promotional merchandise and raising the bar on quality goods while taking into consideration the current state of the environment."

Monica J., Administrator, Microsoft

"An incredible partner to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the US Program team. They are extremely thorough and always go above and beyond in their service to our team. They are definitely a value add."

Randy P. Associate Program Manager, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation