Lou Cysewski
Coolperx CEO
June 16, 2020

3 Favorite Corporate Gifts for This Summer

Coolperx is officially the world’s first & only Social Purpose Marketing & Merchandise Agency. We decided to incorporate this way to lean in and maximize our impact for our clients and to empower our values of sustainability, ethics and covetability.

Especially now, with corporate gifts being delivered into people’s homes, company’s can’t afford to deliver products that don’t absolutely represent these values. Their gifts are being immediately compared to and judged against the existing lives of their gift recipients.

When we look at branded merchandise through the lens of sustainability, so much of what we see from the promotional products industry can be classified as waste. There’s the waste of time as employees try and do our jobs, something that we’ve mastered with decades of experience and investigation, as they squeeze shopping and ordering into their free time, often having to manage their vendors, coordinate their orders and return sub-par products. There’s the waste of money as 40% or more of typical swag is stuffed in closets or immediately dumped into a landfill. And, of course, there’s the waste of precious natural resources, as many of the promotional products industry is filled with cheap plastic crap.

Sustainable branded merchandise is effective in reaching the hearts and minds of your target audience without being wasteful. The products we curate are inherently covetable, appreciated and kept and used for a long time. Our clients build better, more meaningful relationships, build stronger brand loyalty and inspire their employees with a commitment to higher quality gifts. When an employee or client feels appreciated, they are much more likely to become a loyal advocate. A reciprocal relationship doesn’t include obligatory gifts given as cheap swag.

3 favorite corporate gifts for this summer:

1. Independent Lightweight Windbreaker Anorak Jacket

Clients have loved it for its seasonal versatility and trendiness, as well as being loved by both male and female colleagues.

Independent Lightweight Windbreaker Anorak Jacket

2. Stuffed Cookies

My favorite is the S'Mores, which was a surprise to me as I historically haven't loved marshmallows. But, as this has the melty goodness of the real campfire treat and it makes up for the fact that this will be the first summer since getting married that my family and I will not be camping. Other clients have loved the Churro Y Horchata and the Oreo Bday Cake flavors.

A tip: Only eat after heating in the oven for 8ish minutes at 350. They aren't the same when heated in the microwave and I wouldn't waste them by eating them without melting the inner gooeyness to it's full potential.

Stuffed Cookie // Churro Y Horchata

3. Magisso Wine Cooler

This beautifully designed, single-bottle wine cooler is made with Magisso's patented evaporative cooling. To activate its magic, rinse or submerge in water prior to use and protect your wine from heat. As a gift for all of us who are staying at home this summer, a gift like this is welcome in most homes and goes with most decor styles.

Magisso Wine Cooler // White