Lou Cysewski
Coolperx CEO
May 2, 2019

5 Pride Month Corporate Gift Ideas

Diversity is extremely important to me, to the community, to the world and I’m sure to you as well.

Celebrating diversity, in all forms gives me a moment to reflect on how so many people in my life add character and love, challenge me and make me better. It gives me a moment to be additionally grateful for those who add wisdom to my world.

With June (and summer) right around the corner it’s time to prepare for pride week, pride month and parades and events.

Product 1: Rainbow Strap Cotton Tote

custom rainbow strap cotton tote bag

There is something exceptionally lovable about this bag. It’s just so happy! We love bags, this is perfect for your summer events and gives you a little subtle way to add your own contribution to the awareness of LGBTQIA community.

A note on totes: Make sure you're buying custom tote bags with a gusset. This means the bag will be large enough to fit most anything you're looking to carry and open wide enough for you to see into and find your items.

Product 2: Lomo’Instant Automat Camera

This company is my most favorite find of 2018. The brand wanted to give the look and feel of nostalgic cameras, including instant and disposable-- without the requirement of disposing the case. These aren’t explicitly “Pride” however, they are the perfect item for a company sponsored Pride event.

We sell them through our website for a little over $150 at low quantities (12 pieces). They come in quite a few colors, and if you have a need for >2,000 cameras, we can fully customize the background of the simple use camera…anyone wanting a rainbow camera?

Product 3: Chuck Taylor All Star Pride Collection


Not your typical Converse…these are fun and vibrant and are celebrations in themselves. Many shoe brands including Nike and Adidas are also getting in the game and supporting our diverse community members. These sell out extremely quickly!

Product 4: Pride Condoms

Custom Pride Condoms Swag

Before starting this business, I was a nurse. And, a community/public health nurse with a background in reproductive medicine. Let me tell you how amazing it feels to know that companies (and colleges) can giveaway something like this. A custom condom not only can help normalize sexuality by opening up the conversation, but it provides it’s own essential duty…to protect against STIs. So, for your next health campaign or tailgating party or your college’s own Pride Week, give away a fun custom rainbow condom! In my opinion, it’s the best way to show inclusion and caring.

Product 5: Temporary Tattoos


For those looking to stick with a small, fun giveaway on the inexpensive side, these temporary tattoos are perfect. They are fun, they can be fully custom and they fit in your pocket…actually, lots of them can fit in your pockets. Peace, Love and Pride 🙂