Lou Cysewski
Coolperx CEO
May 26, 2020

7 Corporate Gifts that Make Remote Work Easier

I’ve yet to experience an organization that sets its employees up for success quite the way the Army does. I remember how easy it was to follow the path laid out for me. I showed up at an 80s airport hotel that still smelled a little like cigarettes, and with the front desk person expecting me, I was handed a note from my recruiter telling me what time she’d be there in the morning and all the things I’d want to make sure I had. When she showed up the next morning, she had a packet with more instructions for when I arrived in St. Louis, my plane ticket, a biscuit and we hopped in her car headed for the airport.

After getting to what would be my home for the next few months, I was ushered like cattle through stations where I picked up uniforms, blankets, boots, and got a prophylactic shot of penicillin in my butt. There was a small shopping area to buy running shoes, huge white granny panty underwear and brown hair ties to match my hair color. The army even allowed several credit unions to be set up in the lobby where we were completing our employment paperwork and lawyers to help with life insurance questions.

Every question that could have possibly come up had an answer. I felt wholly taken care of so that when training started, I only had to worry about learning and mastering my role. As a nurse, this meant a lot of fake blood and gore. But, that’s a different story.

We’re all, whether in business or life, moving into an unknown set of circumstances. It seems working from home is the new normal for the foreseeable future. It's important for us all to set ourselves up for success, and if we can, lay out a clear path for our employees and make it easier for them to be productive.

With companies like Facebook and Twitter who have recently reported policy changes allowing employees the opportunity to work from home permanently, this trend requires a few logistical gifts as well as morale-boosting ones.

MOFT laptop stand

1. Ergonomic stands that make it easier for your employees to be on Zoom from anywhere. I love wireless charging stands, but in this instance, I recommend something more portable like MOFT phone, tablet, and laptop stands. With your remote employees sharing space with remotely working spouses and kids doing remote learning, the ability to pick up and move to a quiet location is important.

Mykronoz zebuds custom wireless ear buds

2. Wireless earbuds are a necessity for the meetings during nap times or just to keep the room quiet as the rooms in our homes are now even more multifunctional. I’m a big fan of the Mykronoz Zebuds. They sold out at Nordstrom over the holidays and continue being a big hit. The Bluetooth connection and features rival the Apple Air Pods. Bottom line, the sound is fantastic.

Nomad Wireless Hub

3. The Nomad Wireless Hub is a staple in my home office. We ordered a branded sample and can ensure that it’s been quality tested for a year without any issues. This charging station allows for 5 devices to be plugged into it for wired charging and space on top for wireless charging. It’s much sleeker than wall adapters and the simple design will fit with most home office decor.

4. Time Timer. Block scheduling is trending for a reason. We’re all pulled in many different directions throughout the day and have conflicting priorities between home life and work life. A visual timer like a Time Timer helps you see how much time you have until you either need a break, have a meeting, or need to get back to someone. My husband and I use it to also take turns in our work/homeschooling duties.

Custom lexon oblio wireless charging sanitization

5. Lexon’s Oblio sits in my entryway and is our best selling product. This item works with most decor styles so your team will use it often. I put my phone in the Oblio everytime I get home from the grocery store, regardless of whether or not it came out of my purse. This item shows your team that home and work can mingle nicely.

HMM scissors

6. HMM Scissors. Elevating an office with a design piece that is actually a functional product like these scissors brings a little joy to a home office. Made of Japanese steel, these scissors cut through cardboard easily. They can be sharpened and will last forever.

Latico Leathers Custom Tech Kit

7. Latico Leathers Tech Kit will help your team be prepared with all necessary tech accessories moving from room to room. Giving your team a way to be successful and organized will help them in their transition and to be productive in this uncertain time.