Lou Cysewski
Coolperx CEO
January 22, 2019

Is Carhartt Sexy?? Sort of...

custom carhartt beanie coolperx

All over Paris, we saw ads for Carhartt beanies. These women in seductive poses with various shades of lipstick, all wearing Carhartt were strewn across the city in the subways, on the trains, and on posters in some of the nicest shopping centers in the world. As a girl from the country this baffled me. I’ve always loved Carhartt for their quality. I’m always warm in a Carhartt coat and have never had anything of theirs break down on me, even after nearly a decade of wear. But, sexy is a whole other concept that in my mind never matched the brand (unless you’re talking about my middle school gym teacher, but I don’t remember, was he wearing Carhartt?).

Now, with shelf space in Urban Outfitters and appearing on Kanye West, it looks like this farm brand has urban appeal.


Personally, we love the Acrylic Watch Beanie. My husband wears his constantly. It’s warm, only a tiny bit itchy and snug around your head. It’s folded, so it will fit a variety of head shapes and easily embroidered for branding. It can also be worn more tightly on your head by pulling the hat down and creating a deeper fold or looser (how the kids are wearing it) by keeping more fabric at the top.


This one is a winner because it brings utility and functionality to fashion. Your branded merchandise do much more for your brand awareness if worn…this one will be worn.


This would be good for everyone. It makes a great employee appreciation gift, a company branding opportunity, a team unity item, a uniform option, a giveaway…endless options here.