Lou Cysewski
Coolperx CEO
January 12, 2020

Our Experience at CES

If you haven’t been following my Instagram, you’ve missed out on several noteworthy items from this year’s CES. So, before diving into this post, please take a minute to follow me at @coolperx & @lou_cysewski on Instagram and Facebook.

This was our first CES experience, though it had been on our list of must-dos for the last few years. As we continue to find products that aren’t your run of the mill promotional items, it’s been important for us to source our gifts from the same places retailers source rather than the over commoditized pool of products shown to us within the promotional products industry.

*Side note, has it ever bothered you that every promo vendor shows the same exact products??

This event was so exciting. It engaged the little kids inside of us as we got to see AI mirrors that talked with us, robots fighting, giant TVs the size of a movie screen and just as thin, and David Copperfield. Actually, David Copperfield was not at CES, we saw his show. And, for those interested in and following the journey of the balloon I received in the show (now in my Instagram highlights), the balloon full of David Copperfield’s breath is still perfectly inflated.

We did see and learn more on practical gifts that our clients could actually give away, although, wallpaper TV would really buy some goodwill for businesses who want to impress someone.

We noticed three major themes across the product floor: safety, security and sanitization. And no, I didn’t make this up just for alliteration.

Safety first (okay, this one was intentional word play). It seems that we’ve entered into an era where we have the capacity to advance our own safety and more successfully engage in our world. I once read that when the economies of countries provide enough for the basic needs of its citizens, the advancement in technologies to maintain and pursue further growth would emerge. Despite all the ways in which we may feel like we are failing, it looks like we’re at this new level and safety is a big concern.

So, how do you take this knowledge and apply it to your corporate gifts? While many of the helmets and other items we saw are not yet on the market and would be extraordinarily expensive right out of the gate, there are many options for more reasonable gifts.

Reflective items are one way to go with this. By gifting reflective items, you send the message to your audience or team that their safety is important to you...that they are important to you and you acknowledge that they are important to the success of your business. coolperx provides our clients with a variety of reflective merchandise that can be branded. And, they range from lower priced items that are more in the realm of event swag, like this Oreflector reflective badge to details on more traditional employee gifts like jackets and water bottles. Giving something that is both unique and functional is a dilemma many of our clients face prior to coming to us. This is also the space in which coolperx shines (yes, another pun. I’m on a roll now).

Oreflector Reflective Badge

Security is a big concern for our clients as the world continues to get smaller and both remote and travel work are commonplace. I love the new innovative ways we are using tech to make security better. We’re adding some new biometric locks to, so subscribe to our social media, blog or our newsletters for updates.

Benjilock Custom

The Bobby Anti-Theft makes a great impression on new team members who travel with...well, anything they want to keep. The Bobby Bizz is my favorite because, like the Topo Designs Global Briefcase that Seth used for the CES trip (as seen on Instagram), this one doubles as a briefcase for a more professional function.

coolperx Topo Designs Instagram from CES

And last but not least, sanitization. UV-C LED lights are a safe way to sanitize. As the third resounding theme from the show, I loved that we were able to learn even more about the UV-C sanitizing technology and its evolution. UV-C LED sanitization works by disrupting the DNA of the microorganism so they are unable to carry out necessary cellular functions. This is seen in the Liz Self-Cleaning UV Smart Bottle, the Larq Self-Cleaning Bottle and the ever popular Oblio Charging Station and UV Sanitizer for all of our wireless charging capable phones.

Lexon Oblio Custom

I am impressed by the way we’re able to make progress while being cognizant of the world. These items, and all the items we provide our clients, really reflect our desire to engage with others on a more intimate and meaningful level. They aren’t given to push a message...they are given to show appreciation and be reflective of the value each person has in the relationship. They aren’t stuffed in a long-forgotten closet or thrown out with yesterday’s trash.

Attending CES this year was so important as we continue to pursue our goal of utilizing a budget consciously and eliminating the swag that ends up in landfills. We attend to learn more and do better for our clients. We attend CES rather than the promotional products show, because we know our clients are better served with products that are better.

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