Lou Cysewski
Coolperx CEO
April 8, 2020

Our Thoughts on Face Masks

We’re all feeling so many emotions during this shelter-at-home time. We’re nervous about our futures and our family’s safety. We’re confined in small areas with or without our closest relationships. Some of us still have jobs, some of us don’t. We’re thinking about homeschooling, and parenting, and working, and trying to keep our businesses afloat and our employees’ morale up, and cleaning and also cooking that bag of dried beans that has been in our pantry for 3 years.

It’s a lot. On all of us. But, the overwhelming feeling I’m having is gratitude. I get goosebumps from thinking about all of us in this together, taking each other’s health and futures into consideration. I’m overwhelmed by this feeling of hope for my community. I see so much effort to help small businesses in our communities.

It’s amazing to see this effort and unity. And, it’s heartwarming to see how my clients are looking to provide their teams and clients with gifts that are meaningful. I also see how these efforts can be a challenge for clients who want to give gifts that say “I care” and are sensitive to the precarious emotional state that we are all in right now.

Vendors are sending me images of masks and hand sanitizer on a daily basis. It’s my job to sort out quality gifts from the bad gifts and help my clients make better choices. I knew immediately that selling these masks were not in my client’s best interest. We want to help our clients give gifts that reflect more appreciation and not just a branding opportunity.

However, we realize that face masks will become a new norm in our country as things start to open back up. It will most likely be necessary for most people to wear face masks back at the office so we knew we had to find a solution. So we knew we had to find a better solution.

We've found several manufacturers who are making high-quality and eco-friendly fabric masks. We currently have 3 options on our website--2 options are made in the USA. We also decided we wanted to use water-based ink for decoration on the masks. Traditionally, polypropylene is used for decoration but since these will be worn on the face, we wanted to ensure that anybody wearing one would not be breathing in chemicals from this plastic based substance.

So while we initially didn't want to sell masks, we realized that many companies cannot get their hands on needed masks. It was especially prevalent when we visited our local PCC grocery and found that they only had enough masks for 25 of their employees with no way to get more. We knew we needed to offer better solutions to others, especially essential workers.

It is our goal to be the gatekeepers of products. We get pitched products every day by suppliers--most of them are junk. We only will recommend products that we believe have a high level of desirability, functionality and quality. So, if you are looking for something that can help your employees or clients, please reach out. We would love to help you find real solutions for the situation at hand. As a small business ourselves, we will continue to work hard to keep our clients serviced with meaningful and quality corporate gifts.