Lou Cysewski
Coolperx CEO
November 5, 2020

Woman Owned

If this year has shown me anything, it’s the power of women. I’ve watched so many friends and neighbors juggle work, home and parenting duties, making tough choices for the sake of their families and holding our country’s future on their shoulders.

In honor of the incredible women who make exceptional products and provide beautiful experiences for my clients, I’m highlighting my favorite woman-owned brands carried by Coolperx.

A Table Less Traveled

Annie Cheng travels the world creating relationships with farmers and chefs to provide memorable food experiences that delight my clients and friends alike. I recently held a Sushi making party with Annie for my birthday. The chef host was so cheerful and engaging, creating a unique and special event shared between me and my family. It felt intimate even from across the country.

With Coolperx, you can create similar experiences for your teams. Choose between ravioli, sushi or pizza live events and reinspire your team.

Umm Skincare

Decadence is the key to gift giving this year and self-care gifts like Umm’s body creme are my top pick. The brand, owned and operated by Anisha Vinjamuri in the Seattle area. I’ve gotten to know Anisha this year and watched as she has grown her business and doubled down on her values. Her products are Ayurvedic and she utilizes only the best ingredients from environmentally responsible farms. The products are unisex, making it easy to buy for your team or stock up and give them to all of your favorite relatives.

Ask us for more information. The products will be on our site soon!

Great holiday products created by woman-owned businesses: