Project Summary

19 Crimes wine brand came to us looking for off-premise wood displays to hold multiple stacked cases of wine, for use in retail. The brand's look is distinct, with a turn of the century, dark feeling. To accommodate this, we worked with one of our partner manufacturers in the USA to bring our design to life. Here we utilized a weathered-looking stain on the wood coupled with their logo printed in black, to provide a distinct look in keeping with the brand’s overall theme. The back piece featured a removable signboard that could be replaced as needed for future brand campaigns or uses.

Project Details


19 crimes


Wood Wine Case Display

In Addition

We designed it with a gap in the front panels to allow a ‘window’ into the lower cases showcasing their very cool label art of prisoners, which in the display looks almost like the faces portrayed on the bottle are in jail. To finish them off we added functional handles routed into the sides to make moving the displays, even while fully loaded, easy for sales representatives in the field, or staff in the stores. This design has since been used as the gold standard for POS wine displays.

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