Project Summary

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte came to us to help them put together a gift that supported their newest campaign, Enchantment Awaits. CNF is an iconic brand, the #1 Champagne in France, and commands a premium presence wherever it is being poured. The campaign title spoke to us of travel, and that enchantment awaits behind every new door that we encounter on our journey. We decided to highlight this idea with a luxury travel theme, and in a compact format so that gift recipients could easily travel with their gift no matter where they received it. We created a luggage tag concept that used new manufacturing and decoration techniques to wow recipients. In fully learning about the brand and their goals, we flew to France to see their new showroom, as the design chosen within their headquarters needed to be reflected in our own product designs.

Project Details


Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte


Luxury Luggage Tags

In Addition

The result came from sourcing the best white USA leather (from the same supplier used by COACH), an elegant debossing of the campaign tagline, and an actual gold foil stamp, edge to edge, of their beautiful, whimsical, campaign design. We coupled this with a retail two-piece box with the CNF logo foil stamped on the front. All of this was made in the USA, end to end. This item was a favorite of the clients and is still discussed as the bar to reach for consumer gifts.

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