Project Summary

Microsoft Business Applications Group was looking to create customizable gifts for their team. They wanted items that they could build upon as their team accomplished individual projects that contributed to the larger team effort. We created a jacket concept where we could design ‘project patches’ that could be added to the jacket over the years. Our final design was a bomber jacket, in both men’s and women’s versions, with subtle tonal Microsoft branding. We worked with a sustainability-focused custom apparel manufacturer partner of ours based in Canada to bring the jacket to life.

Project Details




MSFT Business Application Jacket

In Addition

Logistically, we needed to collect addresses for and deliver over a thousand jackets to their team members located all over the globe. We handled the logistics beautifully and all of the jackets made it to the team for the launch of the first project, which included the first patch on the jacket upon arrival. We have subsequently provided additional project patches for the team’s jackets and coordinated with several regional tailors for the installation of the new patches.

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