Climate Cost Reporting

Use our proprietary ClimateCost scoring system to make informed buying decisions and reduce the detrimental impact from your marketing merchandise procurement. Show and tell stakeholders that you value people and the planet.

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We use our ClimateCost index to formulate a score on the merchandising items and suppliers your company purchases and works with. This gives buyers the ability to choose products and suppliers based on alignment with your sustainability goals and brings end-to-end sustainability procurement, net-zero purchases, and Scope 3 carbon emissions reporting around all marketing purchases.

  • Accredited LCA (Lifecycle Assessment) including transportation and end-of-life.
  • 10 categories of reporting including diversity, circularity, keepability, water and supply chain.
  • Multiple data points and customizable reporting.
Assess Your Climate Cost

Reinvest & Reclaim.

Coolperx programs simplify the process of offsetting a company’s environmental impact.

  • Replace fossil fuels with renewable energy through our transparent and trackable clean energy offset initiatives in areas of the U.S. that need it the most.
  • Increase the percentage of sustainable, diverse and small businesses in the promotional products industry by elevating and launching worthy brands.
  • Prevent ocean-bound plastic from entering our waterways through our tangible plastic neutral initiatives.
  • Combat poverty and provide dignified jobs in plastic collection and clean energy across the globe.
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Ready data on your company purchases make it easy to report to your shareholders. Our ClimateCost index provides you with accredited and proprietary numbers that you can feel good about.

  • SBTI-compliant
  • Based on the GHG (greenhouse gas) protocol
  • Meets all Scope 3 reporting requirements
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ClimateCost Criteria

Icon -  factors around GHG emissions


We evaluate numerous factors around GHG emissions including embodied carbon (CO2e), transportation, end-of-life, and net-zero initiatives.

Icon - eco-system preservation, restoration, and biodiversity suppor


We evaluate products and suppliers on eco-system preservation, restoration, and biodiversity support. The goal is to find additional support for our planet.

Icon - Plastic recyclability


We evaluate plastics usage, including material recyclability, post-consumer materials, social plastic, reclamation, and ocean diversion initiatives.

Icon - product circularity


We evaluate circularity starting with product designs and ending with end-of-life strategy.

Icon - product useful lifespan


Utilizing consumer surveys, internal testing, and product reviews & awards, we assess the likelihood of a product's useful lifespan.

Icon -  factual recyclability of products


We evaluate the factual recyclability of products and use of post-consumer recycled content to ensure products are moving toward circularity.

Icon - non-fossil fuel-based renewable materials


We assess products for their usage of non-fossil fuel-based renewable materials that promote a circular economy and protect natural ecosystems.

Icon - protect and minimize water usage


As an essential resource, we evaluate and make product decisions to protect and minimize usage, this includes prioritizing organic production.

Icon - sustainability and diversity


We prioritize sustainability and diversity in our curation, including minority-owned, women-owned,  LGBTQ+, and small business partners.

Icon - Social Impact

Social Impact.

We look to partner vendors such as MiiR, Day Owl, and Parafina who have invested back into communities globally to help people.

Icon - suppliers who prioritize Fair Labor and transparency

Supply Chain.

We source from suppliers who prioritize Fair Labor, transparency, and who actively work to source around any risky areas and promote locality.

Icon - Governance


We know the importance of putting ESG into a company's operating bylaws, and we look to partner with others doing so as well.