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Controllership Backpack

Google was looking for an impactful gift for their global Controllership team that was aligned with their environmental and social missions.

A Beautiful Partnership

We partnered with Day Owl to provide them with an amazing backpack made from responsible materials created with 100% recycled plastics collected from developing countries where Day Owl’s sister company, the nonprofit organization WORK, provides meaningful job opportunities and work training around the world training waste collectors cleaning up their countries, including their beaches. WORK started in Haiti, and you can see a TED talk on how this project got started here.

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Mission and Values Aligned

In addition to connecting mission and values, we also facilitated the carbon accounting and reclamation of the entire project in our Reclaimed Carbon Program, including the backpacks from concept to end-of-life. We reclaimed the carbon from it by investing in a solar project in Jackson, Tennessee, replacing emissions from the dirtiest parts of the US energy grid, and creating jobs for a community in need of them. Our program created trackable, verifiable carbon emission reductions to assure all products we facilitate reclaim all the carbon associated that we cannot reduce in development or production. 

Beyond the amazing work done here, logistically we arranged the distribution of these employee gifts to countries all over the world making it easy for Googlers to support each other and feel valued.


  • Supported non-profit cleaning up plastic pollution
  • 100% Recycled materials
  • Trade-in and reuse program for backpacks
  • 100% Reclaimed carbon
  • Cleaning up US power grid
  • Created jobs in rural Tennessee

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