Coolperx is 100% Climate Neutral  •  You can become truly climate-neutral, Coolperx can help  •  When you purchase with Coolperx, you help build new solar energy facilities in the worst parts of the American power grid.


We Are A Climate-Neutral Company.

We help our clients become truly Climate-Neutral as well with all of their purchases.

Coolperx Turns Marketing
Purchases Into Clean Energy.


Coolperx has developed the ClimateCost Index - a database of product carbon footprints by performing screen-level Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to evaluate the burden of Coolperx’s products. Our assessments take a conservative approach so that emissions would be overestimated rather than underestimated. Our partners are experienced and accredited LCA practitioners.

Reinvest &

If the US South were a country, it would be the 6th largest polluter of carbon emissions in the world. Your purchases with Coolperx build new solar energy facilities that reclaim carbon emissions from the dirtiest parts of the American electricity grid.


Receive progress updates on your company’s purchases impact, including how much energy their reclamation is producing. From clean energy to cleaner air, your business with Coolperx will have a long term impact on American communities otherwise getting left behind.

To date, we've invested to reclaim over 500,000  pounds of carbon and carbon equivalents directly from the US grid.

Reclaimed Carbon Program.

Coolperx is taking out the carbon of all our client’s corporate gifting, marketing merchandise, and SWAG purchases working with Clearloop; building new solar projects, helping to replace dirty electricity, and create jobs in communities across the U.S. that are getting left behind and don’t have access to clean energyThe current processes of offsetting a company’s environmental impact is hard and confusing, especially around internal & external marketing goods, such as SWAG. It’s hard to ensure the impact is real.
Cooperx simplifies the process - providing a transparent and tangible solution for companies to reclaim their marketing purchases’ carbon footprint, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy in the places that need it the most across the United States.


Did You Know?
More than 75% of a product’s carbon footprint comes from outside of the company’s own direct operations? Depending on the product, the biggest emissions could come from either the initial production of raw material or from the transportation of the finished product.

Unfortunately, companies have very few tools to help them tackle the biggest chunk of their carbon footprint. That is why Coolperx has developed the ClimateCost Index in partnership with Clearloop & WAP Sustainability.


We investigate the manufacturing, decoration, and transportation carbon costs of all our potential products and opt for more sustainable options. We apply carbon-neutral shipping and reforestation initiatives to every order.


We source and curate products that are ahead of trend and covetable so they will be appreciated and used for a long time.


We work with diverse manufacturers who meet our high social standards. Many of them even have their own social and environmental missions.

Coolperx is 100 Percent
Climate Neutral.

We Help Our Clients Become Truly
Climatal-Neutral As Well With All Of Their Purchases.

Client Products

100% Carbon Footprint Reclaimed.

Shipping & Logistics

100% Carbon Footprint Reclaimed.

Business Operations

100% Carbon Footprint Reclaimed.

Coolperx turns marketing purchases into clean energy For companies that want to offset
their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy.

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