Coolperx exists to end promotional waste.

The Situation

Currently, only 21% of typical swag products are kept by recipients for any length of time. This is not only a stark lack of ROI, but it’s a huge liability for brands.

Branded and promotional products are a high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium that brings a company front and center in their stakeholder’s everyday life.

Done well, swag can increase feelings of goodwill and belonging, which in turn can lead to greater job performance, satisfaction and loyalty.

The Change

But, when a company makes public statements about their commitment to environmental sustainability, and then turns around and distributes meaningless, toxic swag to its community, it is engaging in a particularly egregious form of greenwashing and destroying credibility.

Our Future

To prevent this type of waste we provide our clients with the ability to make informed swag procurement decisions and the support to achieve their sustainability and diversity goals.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world where all stakeholders are shown appreciation in meaningful ways.

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Plastic Reclamation

We partnered with Plastic Bank to recover ocean bound plastic, and support recycling and collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas.

Plastic Bank
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Carbon Reclamation

Through our partners at Clearloop, we produce tangible clean energy projects across the U.S. to replace dirty electricity, and create jobs in low-income communities with historically limited access to clean energy and clean energy jobs.

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We’re creating a path for others to follow. Hosting podcasts, speaking at conferences, and holding an Advertising Specialties Institute sustainability board seat are just some of the ways we are leading the industry.

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Socially Diverse and Climate-Neutral Marketplace

Coolperx has the largest network of woman-owned, minority-owned, disabled-owned and veteran-owned product manufacturers in the industry to help our clients with their diversity spend goals.

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