Pick the right gifts for people working both at home and in the office

Corporate gifts that help people live and work better lead to increased happiness and a better work culture. Our clients want to both create and work in environments where appreciation runs throughout the culture. This month, we have several clients opening their doors to welcome thousands of employees back to the office. And, yet, there are several thousand who will be remaining home. To make sure that their teams continue to feel cared for and appreciated during this transition, they've brought us in to help them get this right.

So, how exactly do we pick the right gifts for people working both at home and in the office?

Choosing the right gifts for people working in the office and people working out of the office is not much different than choosing the right gifts for people anywhere. The problem tends to arise when bulk one-size-fits-all orders are placed when many different people make up your team. This also creates a lot of waste and makes people feel dismissed.

When we work with clients, we help them choose multiple items that represent different interests groups and demographics. For example, we know that only about 30% of people go camping, so we wouldn't have our clients buy and logo only camp chairs when 70% will be left in SWAG closets or tossed into the landfill. We'd choose a variety of options, add them to a private store (what some clients call a pop up or a portal) and let their employees choose the items that are right for them and their lifestyles.

Custom SWAG company estore

If you're in need of a large order and want to get hybrid and back-to-office SWAG right, book a meeting with one of our team members. You can do that by clicking the link: here.

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