What We Do.

Coolperx is the world’s first & only Social Purpose marketing, merchandise, and events agency. We are are a new kind of business entity that is founded on 21st-century values of ethics and environmental sustainability.

What We Offer.

Our offerings include unique and impactful corporate marketing, branded merchandising, consulting, and events that are socially and environmentally responsible.

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Why We're Here.

We’re here to end marketing waste and build better
business relationships.
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How We Help.

Our clients know that ethical, sustainable gifts and events have greater perceived value, which translates to impactful ROI. Brand and company loyalty is built on meaningful connections that come from meaningful offerings. We make this process possible by maintaining high standards for quality, value, and sustainability every step of the way. 

Why Clients Choose us.

Our team of experts has decades of experience in employee engagement, event production, people management, marketing, and advertising. They also stay ahead of trends and curate meaningful offerings that you can present to your clients and community with pride. We maintain high standards for all our products, consultations, and events, so you can translate them into lasting relationships that drive business.

How Our Story Unfolds...

-----   Story Time

Coolperx is the brainchild of two innovative entrepreneurs who are deeply committed to environmental sustainability and ethical business practices. Our founder, Lou Cysewski created Coolperx, the world's first & only Climate-Neutral Social Purpose Corporate Marketing & Merchandise agency. She is on a mission to help companies build lasting relationships with their clients and community through socially responsible and environmentally sustainable branded merchandise and engaging events.

She believes that gifts express a person's belief systems about connection and community, and can improve the quality of relationships. Lou founded Coolperx to solve the detrimental impact of cheap, unwanted swag, and she trademarked her belief that we should all “gift something better.” 

Lou is a fourth-generation service member who joined the Army at a young age. After serving as a nurse she entered civilian life with a superpower of observation. She concentrated her studies in public health, championing campaigns in sexual health with the data she collected studying teen pregnancy trends in the south-eastern US. After a decade of nursing and managing urgent care clinics, she settled in the Seattle area with her husband Seth and daughter. 

COO Seth Cysewski is an award-winning founder and inventor who created vSpin, the active decanting system (partnered with Spiegelau), which has been featured on NBC's The Today Show, CBS's The Talk, and was the winner of a 2016 German Design Award. In addition, Seth was an original member of the Seattle-based “DRC” tasting group, created and wrote the wine & food blog Uncork Washington, and has 15 years of experience working in operations and marketing solutions. Seth is also known for creating and brokering the very first corporate The North Face collaboration with Microsoft for hundreds of branded jackets, which led to TNF’s subsequent pivot to responsible corporate partnerships. He has been fortunate enough to have been chosen to work on projects for iconic brands such as Cirque du Soleil, Gerber, Ferarri, Don Julio, and Planet Hollywood.

Seth and his wife Lou work side-by-side at Coolperx to continue their shared mission and promote greater sustainability in business and industry.

What We Believe.

We believe that conscientious corporate gifts and events can make people feel appreciated without negatively impacting the planet. 

We source and curate products that help our clients send positive messages with their corporate gifts. We work with diverse vendors who make high-quality products, designed well, and manufactured ethically and responsibly. At Coolperx, we know how detrimental the average promotional product can be, both on our environment and social bonds.  We only work with vendors who best support our mission at every step of the process, so we can offer our clients the very best of what we find. 

We are a woman, veteran, and minority-owned social purpose corporation (SPC) based in Bellevue, Washington.

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Gift Something Better.

We believe that conscientious corporate gifts and events can make people feel appreciated without negatively impacting the planet. Our environmental mission helps clients like these remain accountable to their own environmental missions.